What sets Adiamus apart from other ensembles?

See our Why Choose Adiamus page for the list of benefits – we have worked hard to build up integrity in the industry and maintain a standard for musicians as well as our wonderful clients so you receive the best ‘product’ of music.


Can I see you perform live?

We email all our past, present, future and potential clients for when we have upcoming live performances – stay tuned!


Why a quartet and not a trio or a duet?

This is a great question! Forming as a quartet was a purposeful decision when Teegan first formed Adiamus. The four instruments allow the four musical elements of melody (tune), harmony (‘sub-tune’), rhythm and bass to be incorporated. Classical music can typically cover trio and duet music quite easily because the music was overall more ‘simple’ sounding, however with today’s pop and contemporary songs all using the four musical elements, string trios and duets have to sacrifice one of these elements, ultimately leaving a ‘hole’ in the overall sound. We want to be able to be a quartet for every special occasion, and a lot of events only require contemporary music, so we feel it is the best option to hire a string quartet.

What is the importance of hiring a permanent-musician group?

We are now our own musical ‘family’ – we rehearse and perform together multiple times a week and have a trust and genuinely harmonious relationship with each other. We feel this is the basis that allows us to execute our music to our clients – they deserve the best. Hiring a group that ‘pulls in’ musicians at the last minute, which is unfortunately a common practice, is similar to driving a car for the first time – it can be disastrous. Since forming, we have held the same musicians long-term.

How do you choose your musicians?

Adiamus musicians are chosen firstly based on their integrity - they are all good people and have hearts of gold. They are also chosen for their 'package' of experienced, qualified musicianship as well as their relatable, friendly and professional personalities. This is how we have long-term musicians - we all love what we do, we do it well and we all mean well; it is the perfect concoction for every occasion!

How do I go about choosing music? Classical or contemporary?

For weddings, we ask you to choose your processional (entrance of the bride), two pieces for signing for the registry (a main piece and one as a back-up in case it’s needed) and one for your recessional (exit as a married couple). Generally you can mix and match between classical and contemporary depending on the pieces of music, but don't worry - we're here to help with what will flow best!

For corporate events, if you have set set-blocks or need music for certain parts of your event, just let us know and we can provide a draft run sheet specific to your event. Of course, we will coordinate with people on the day as well to ensure the smoothest transitions.

For other occasions, Teegan works with you to create a music plan for the day. We can perform 'Happy Birthday' as the cake comes out, 'Amazing Grace' for your first hymn at a funeral or anything else you require.

Can you perform a piece of music not in your repertoire list?

Yes, we can, but there will need to be an appropriate string quartet arrangements for it available which we will source on your behalf, and the cost of it will be added to your balance payment. Please note a rehearsal fee may also be applicable.

Do we need to meet to arrange music choices?

It is not necessary, however in our booking form on our Contact page, you have the option to Teegan know if you’d like to have a coffee and meet in person or if you would prefer to communicate by phone and email. Teegan is happy either way and wants your experience to be comfortable, and will accommodate your requirements.


I'm nervous in not knowing how the music will come together on my wedding day - how do I know it will all work?

The best thing about hiring professionals is that you don't have to worry about anything! We work specifically to your needs - we round off nicely within a few seconds once you reach the end of the aisle, we start playing once the signing of the registry commences, and we coordinate with your celebrant before the ceremony to know of cues that we need. We also have music planned for before and after your ceremony based upon our discussions with you before the day. We have performed for hundreds of weddings so you can be confident in the knowledge that you are hiring a group which has you at its focus. We time everything as it happens, and only professionals can handle this - it is quite a skill to have four people thinking and doing the same thing at the same time. It is a bit of a thrill for us, but works so seamlessly that we know exactly how to communicate with each other so it comes effortlessly. Let us do the worrying so you can look after yourself and your new husband or wife!

Do we need you to be present for our wedding rehearsal?

Generally no, as this would be an extra expense at our normal rate. Feel free to play our recordings as you walk down the aisle and perform other parts of your ceremony, so you have a rough idea of timing, but otherwise we'll have everything under control on the big day - and going with the flow is exciting!

Do you perform for elopements?

Do we ever?! We love performing for people - it doesn't matter what the event is. If you're eloping, imagine having a string quartet performing solely for you as a newly married couple - we are fully on board with you!

Do you perform for same-sex marriages?

We most certainly do - it's the law!

Do you perform for wedding expos?

We are very particular with which wedding expos we attend - we want to make sure we are talking to the right couples who appreciate who we are and what we do. We list all our upcoming performances and showcases on our News and Events page so you don't miss out.



Are you covered by public liability insurance?

Yes, we are! Please contact us if you need further information and our certificate of currency if required.


I’m not sure if strings would be appropriate for my event – can you help me?

Absolutely – we are more than happy to offer guidance on what may be best for your event. There are times we have advised of other arrangements to potential clients as our group may not have suited (eg. we may not have fit into the venue appropriately, etc). We are more than happy to help and advise, and no question is too silly!


Do you require breaks?

We require a 5 – 10 minute break per hour. This is so we can stretch and re-hydrate so we don’t injure our muscles. We can coordinate breaks with wedding ceremonies (when we’re not performing), speeches and other runnings of the day. We require a meal for if your reservation is over three hours. In often travelling longer than we perform, we appreciate your hospitality and care.

What do you require on the day?

We like to be very low maintenance – four armless, dining style chairs, two power points if we’re amplified with our Bose system, and a meal and water for reservations longer than three hours. Shade and cover are also needed as our instruments are valuable and fragile, and they’re our livelihoods which can’t be replaced easily.

I don’t know if you should play acoustically or amplified for my event – can you please help?

Absolutely – we’ll let you know what our thoughts are on your event when we have all the details, and if in doubt on the day, we’ll bring our Bose system along just in case.


Why don’t other ensembles offer amplification?

Having been trained in classical ways, string musicians generally haven’t been exposed to amplification equipment and/or simply don’t wish to learn about it and spend the time, money and effort in pursuing it. It is very expensive to set up and to get the proper equipment to work correctly. Teegan spent six months researching the best sound system along with finding quality pick-ups, microphones and wireless system to be able to provide this service. She believes Adiamus clients are worth the investment – to be chosen to perform for someone’s event is an honour; it is Teegan’s belief that you should have the option to have amplification if you wish and at no extra charge.


I'd like to just listen to you as I sit at home - can I hire you to do that for a few hours?

Absolutely you can - relaxing in your home is a special occasion within itself! Let us look after you - you can even make requests from our repertoire list because you have us all to yourself!


With your two-hour minimum, can I reduce the time?

For venues with tight time bookings, we can still perform for you, however this would still be at our two-hour minimum pricing due to not being able to reserve other bookings in this time. In keeping with our integrity and maintaining industry standards, our musicians all have minimum pay requirements so these have to be honoured as well within our quoting. We thank you for your understanding and hope we can perform for your event, even if it’s a bit shorter than usual. This is quite common so do feel free to ask and we'd be happy to help.


My event is out of the south-east QLD and northern NSW region – can you perform outside these areas?

We are more than happy to perform Australia-wide! We ask you to cover our costs of flights, car hire, fuel, accommodation (often two nights to be safe), meals and other costs as well as the performance time. We generally ‘over-quote’ based on projections of travel websites for the time of the year you request. All moneys are due three months before the event date so we can book appropriately and at the lowest possible cost. If you request your quote within three months of your event date, we'll arrange terms based on the details you've provided us so we can secure appropriate flights and accommodation. Your quote will be itemised for your knowledge.


Do you charge for travel time?

All travel is included in our quoted price. Please note that travelling between venues and waiting between sets is charged at the normal hourly rate (as is standard) due to not being able to take other reservations in this time. For example, a three-hour booking would be from 3:00 to 6:00, not 3:00 to 4:00, with a 30 minute wait/travel, then 4:30 to 5:30, another wait/break, then 6:00 – 7:00, which would be a four-hour reservation. Please contact us if you’re unsure.

Is your question not here?
Please ask - we are more than happy to help!